Die Sammlung C Jahnke / C Jahnke Collection - Innenansichten / Insides

Label in a ladies woolen coat c. 1910

Herrman Hoffman
Label in a pair of men's mohair velvet court breeches

Label in a pair of men's pants from 1928

Label in a man's tuxedo 1934

Herrmann Gerson
Label in man's fur lined coat; probably 1920's

Wilhelm Seide
Label in a man's tailcoat

Label in a man's silk bowtie 1920's-30's

Herman Jung
Label in a man's wool coat with velvet collar

Jan Leusmann
Labels in a man's tailcoat from 1929 Dresden Altstadt

Label in a silk reception gown Koenigsberg/Kaliningrad c. 1900

Label in 2pc. reception gown Koeln 1890's

Label in an evening mantel Berlin 1890's

Label from a 2pc. dress from Frankfurt of the 1930's.

Alfred Sieber Berlin
Hand embroidered label in a womans white ermine coat
from the 1930's

Elfriede Ruediger
Label in a ladies luxurious evening coat of black velvet shot with gold lame from the 1930's

Label in a woman's black velvet
evening coat c.1933

Label in a ladies silk afternoon dress
decorated with aluminium c.1922

Label in a man's ski suit from the 1930's

Cahn + David
Label in women's theatre costume
bodice c. 1890-1910

Leopold Verch
Label in a man's black and white satin
Pierrot costume of the 1920's

Marietta Wolf
Label in a woman's 2pc velvet dress 1920's

Neue Welt
Label in a man's cotton shirt 1920's-30's

Label in a ladies wool blouse
c. 1936-38

Label in a Wallach Dirndl

Label in a woman's 3pc. silk suit c. 1913

Label in a man's 1930's tailcoat.

Label from a ladies afternoon coat from the 1930's found in England.

Jockey Club
Label from a tuxedo from 1933.

Label in a 1920's cloche hat

Carl Hecht
Label in a man's three piece suit (1930's ?), found in Sidney on Vancouver Island

Label in a woman's blouse from c. 1906

Herrmann Gerson
Hand embroidered label from a 1920's velvet evening coat

Label in 1930's ladies suit

N Israel
Label in a man's cotton shirt from the 1920-30's

Grohmann + NahrLabel in a ladies elaborate beaded and sequined boloero c. 1904-07 (Grohmann u. Nahr)

Bombay Bodice
Label in an evening embroidered evening bodice c.1901-03; made in Germany and sold in Bombay India

Label in a 2pc. reception gown Kassel c. 1905-08

Label in a white silk wedding dress Leipzig c. 1912

Emma Bette Bud Lachmann
Label in a woman's ski suit 1920's

Label in blouse of 3pc. ladies silk suit

Prager Wien
Label in a white cotton tuxedo shirt of the 1930's from the wardrobe of Dr. Walter Wiener

Lewandowski Korsetten
Label in a 1930's brassiere

Julie Koelbl
Label in a 1930's silk velvet afternoon dress. The dress was found in Baton Rouge / Louisiana.

Caelia Lange
Label in a strapless sheath evening dress c. 1958-62.
The very glamourous gown was from the wardrobe of
the wife of the dutch ambassador to Austria.

Modellhaus Stephanie
Label in a black silk satin cocktail dress c. 1960

Label in a woman's suit c.1906

Wolf + Keller
Label in a man's tailcoat c.1900

Stunning Corset by "B. Sonnenkalb"
Hamburg 1904

Label in ladies 2pc. green velvet dress
c. 1892

Label in the large blue silk chiffon hat c. 1910 originally in the wardrobe of Queen Elizabeth of Romania, aka Carmen Sylva

Label in a 2pc. silk evening gown Vienna
c. 1912-14

Hammer Label
Label in a ladies 2pc. tailored suit from the 1920's by Moritz Hammer, Berlin

Marta Berg
Label in a man's silk bowtie tie of the 1930's from East Prussia

Label in a ladies 2pc. pinstriped suit 1940's

Maendler Muenchen
Label in a blue silk velvet evening dress
late 1930's

Label in cocktail dress ensemble from 1955 Berlin

Label in men's stylish 2pc. suit 50's-60's

Heinz Oestergard
Label in a ladies 2pc. suit 1950's Berlin

Horst Kloess
Label of a unique 2pc ensemble from the 50's-e.60's by Horst Kloess (director of the Meisterschule fuer Mode Muenchen in the late 50's)

Ursula Schewe
Label from the jacket in the "Miss Germany" emsemble, formerly owned by Margit Nuenke. She became Miss Germany in 1955 and Miss Europe in 56.
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